Nipsey Hussle – Interlude #1

Singers: Nipsey Hussle
Albums: Nipsey Hussle – Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3
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Lyrics Nipsey Hussle – Interlude #1


What up?
It’s your boy, neighborhood Nip Hussle back at y’all again
It’s the moment you all been waitin’ for
Bullets ain’t got no names volume 3

And it feel good right now, man
I holla at y’all
Volume 1 I was fresh out
Tryna say somethin’, tryna be heard
Tryna make y’all feel me
Volume 2 I was startin’ to like, get the feedback
Start to look like it might be possible
Volume 3, shit, I’m standin’ with my foot right at the edge
Feel me?
I’m finna jump
I ain’t gon’ fall though, no
It’s all money in, no money out, my nigga
What that basically means, know how to speak money to talk my language, man
Ain’t about no bread, it sound like it’s French to me
Like it’s Japanese or somethin’, man
You’re speaking Taiwan or somethin’
I did it myself, homie
You seen the posters
You seen the mixtapes, ?
You seen the videos at Slauson and Crenshaw
I did that, my nigga
Nobody put me there, nobody made me, my nigga
Feel me?
So if you hatin’, my nigga, suck a dick and die
I could care less, nigga
I’ma do what I do
‘Cause you can’t love me don’t get me no bread
You feel me?


Nipsey Hussle – Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3