Nipsey Hussle – Intro

Singers: Nipsey Hussle
Albums: Nipsey Hussle – Slauson Boy Vol. 1
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Lyrics Nipsey Hussle – Intro


Cost units, what?
Oh, that’s that
(Oh that must be bravo)
That’s that uh

That’s that fat nigga that’s in their past, feelings bruh
You know, Rileys
At least, the fat boy
That nigga talking, rapping, whatever
That’s your boy
Meet me on the far way, huh (LA)
Hussle, Hussle
Neighborhood niggas
Uh huh, you feel me?
Check it

You niggas got me fucked up, thinking it’s a game
You know my name, and nigga I ain’t playing
So this the program, you know Am
Right back on the block, with the sacks and the rock
Ready to rock, because balling just my habit
You know my style, my locale is Cali
Westside, the best side
La, SC, the sixty blocks you know me
Nipsey is hot, for sure G
You heard his demo, all tracks
Naw, nigga not fixed and all that
What’s happening? What’s cracking?
Oh, now you talking soft and under your breath
Like you ain’t ready for death
You should have kept it to yourself, he flowing
Yeah, he said he rapped it up too, he did, shit was beautiful

Know how he coming through with the crew
That’s what he do
‘Cause what’s the business, you know what he do
But not ready though, she feeling me ’cause I got plenty though
This how we do it
From around the way, they know my name
They know how I get down and play
Around the hood, I afford dangles all day
And make my cheese check traps in every way
The mind I’m in when I’m coming through spinning
In it to win it, tryna make a million by dinner
Like my nigga the set dribble off the bg
You know the block, Ricky hot, shots pop
Niggas getting off them rocks
I won’t say the name but niggas holding down the block
Nigga, my cast, I dropped out of class
Wasn’t paying no attention, I wasn’t listening
I was thinking of the plots with me and my henchmen
Let’s go out on the block and try to get it hot
I really don’t, keep it cool, keep it cold
Under rocks ’cause I’m not trying to be trapped
Deep in the country or the peninentery, you telling me
Used to have to work under my hood or under my tongue
Our kids are ready, I felt wrong
I wonder why, I made all my dollars fucking other cousins


Nipsey Hussle – Slauson Boy Vol. 1