Nipsey Hussle – Kush & Haze

Singers: Nipsey Hussle
Albums: Nipsey Hussle – Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 2
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Lyrics Nipsey Hussle – Kush & Haze


I’m slangin’ dope, for the love of the money
I’m slangin’ dope, for the love of the money
I’m slangin’ dope, for the love of the money
I’m slangin’ dope, for the love of the money

They say, “God bless the child that can hold his own”
So, I’m up early in the mornin’ off that gold Patron
I’m tryin’ to mold my bro’s, tell ’em hold they own
And I keep a bad bitch, I tell her, “Hold this zone”
I hit the lot, drop loot and then I roll it home
Hit the rim shop, slap ’em on and then I roll my chrome
Nigga, I’m on my own and I’m on the zone
I hit the block, nigga’s lookin’ like they need a loan
I say, “Leave me alone”, ‘Cause when I was dead broke
I was baggin’ up candle wax sellin’ fake dope
Now I handle that, Cadillac pull up at the saddle ranch
Kettle One Vodka, Granddaddy in a sandwich bag
And those a whole zip nigga
And those was ’06 nigga
And now it’s ’08, I’m gettin’ more cake
I’m Nip Hussle the Great nigga

I’m on my business, fuck these bitches
Pistol on my side, ‘case a nigga start trippin’
I’m hustlin’ all day
Now I’m slangin’ dope, gettin’ paid
Rollin’ Phillies, getting’ blazed
Smokin’ that kush and haze

Now, I’m talkin’ to them niggas really getting’ it
If you ain’t seen a hundred g’s, little nigga, stop listenin’
I do appreciate the purchase but

Get on your grind nigga, money is the purpose
And bummy ain’t ‘gon work this, deeper than a surface
Hood nigga, out in Tokyo eatin’ swordfish
Konichiwa ma-ma, lets get it jerkin’
She don’t know what I’m sayin’, but she know what I’m sayin’
Look, I live life like I’m on the run with three strikes
‘Cause if everything is times-two I need three whites
Sands beach white, and I’ma kick the punk bitch out the house
If I say, “strip” and she think twice
But I ain’t trippin’ ’cause I’m oh so paid
I’m just watchin’ the world turn through my Dolce shades
I’m high as a kite off that coco-haze
‘Cause that’s the only shit a nigga smoke these days


Look, I’m just a nigga tryin’ to see my cheese
With Gucci loafs at the bottom of my PRP’s
When I step, them bitches be like, “Who is he?”
I be like, “Nip Hussle baby, move with me”
Now I could, show you some things that you don’t usually see
You could overlook the city from the sunset suite
Then we could float off on the Pacific off that Veuve Clicquot
Motion sickness from the waves, give her Pepto-P
I-S y’all, yes y’all, Nipsey is the best y’all
Front of the buildin’, with a house on my neck dog
Yes, y’all push block money to the limit
I be in them spots ’til the cops kicked off the hinges
Get off my biscuits, all about that quick flip
Anything I put in it, I get it back with interest
I take care of my business
Slauson boy I am this
Fly nigga on some neighborhood Crip shit



Nipsey Hussle – Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 2