Nipsey Hussle – Mr. Untouchable

Singers: Nipsey Hussle
Albums: Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon
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Lyrics Nipsey Hussle – Mr. Untouchable


Hook: Kokane
Mr Untouchable
Ain’t nobody fucking with me
You know I’m unfadeable

That’s the reason I’m out on these streets
Cause I’m a bonafide gangster, hustler
Never been a mark ass buster
Haters, how you love that
(Put the West back on the map)

Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle
Crush em by that bullet proof 740
Tipped a hundred dollars when the valet grabbed the keys
I’m running through this money like hundreds is Adidas
You hating and we see why
You riding and we fly
You niggas is neither, you know the procedure
Hustle til we run out and then count cash til we re-up
High til we die so it’s motherfucking detox
The only thing we run is Louie belts through our Levi’s
Cath me at the function, hopping out dumb thick
All these hoes wanna fuck but all I got is one dick
Expense, one more chance, all I need is one Nip
And all my competition on some we can’t even front shit
You the one and I see what this become
Waving their white flag and I’m still bussing my gun
No surrender no retreat my nigga I got to eat
And keep thousand dollar sneakers on my feet


Verse 2: Nipsey Hussle
Uh look, cops can’t touch a nigga

Never been a sucker nigga
Fuck a bitch, fuck a nigga
All money money getter
All I really care about is the women in my Kitchen
Folding clothes washing dishes got me through those cold Decembers
Told em it’d be better days
So that explains the shit I’m into
I kept my word but details is confidential
Not too many niggas have survived the type of shit I’ve been through
And even less is this nights on an instrumental
Minus the pencil just the info
They tell me that it’s all a mind game
So I play this shit mental
They see the platinum plates and assume it’s a rental
Cause his album’s yet to drop so how he pull up in a Benz-o
Drop the top, bet the bitch got crop
Let it blow in the wind amorole don’t stop
Yah, yah, the next stop will be the block
Grab a fat stack of weed and then we hopped on a yacht

Well alrite yaa
Meet Mr Untouchable
Blowing bubba kush out the sunroof
Let it burn like 151 proof, errrh
They say some fools can and some fools can’t
So you wish you can niggas can take this to the bank
Nipsey Hussle and Kokane
Putting paint where it ain’t



Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon