Moby – And It Hurts

Исполнители: Moby
Альбомы: Moby – These Systems Are Failing
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Текст Moby – And It Hurts


Drive through the woods in a cautious way
The drums are alive in the last of day
I never seen this come alive like a girl like you
Crying through my eyes tonight I’m coming through

A good sign is what I need
The good lies that you wanted me
The good love on an empty string
So nice to be right when I’m out on the way to this
And it hurts x4

Good minds open to the western sky
Rolling in the bottom of a perfect lie
I got a thorn in the gut, I got a feeling to rut
I got a burning in the hope I need a bloodline to cut

Could you need what you want?
Could you lead the one you love?
Could you leave me in the burning sky
I never leave you in the darkness with the ravens crying

And it hurts x4

Come on stop it now x4

And it hurts x8


Moby – These Systems Are Failing