Moby – Stella Maris

Исполнители: Moby
Альбомы: Moby – Destroyed
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Текст Moby – Stella Maris



Ave maris stella,
Dei Mater alma
Atque semper virgo

Felix caeli porta

Sumens illud ave
Gabrielis ore
Funda nos in pace
Mutans Evae nomen

Solve vincla reis
Profer lumen caecis
Mala nostra pelle
Bona cuncta posce

Monstra te esse matrem
Sumat per te preces
Qui pro nobis natus
Tulit esse tuus

Virgo singularis
Inter omnes mitis
Nos culpis solutos
Mites fac et castos

Vitam praesta puram
Iter para tutum
Ut videntes Jesum
Semper collaetemur

Sit laus Deo Patri
Summo Christo decus
Spiritui sancto
Tribus honor unus

English Translation:

Hail, Star of the sea,
Great Mother of God
and always a Virgin,
joyous gate of Heaven.

By welcoming that «Hail»
from Gabriel’s mouth,
grant us peace,
changing Eve’s fame.

Undo wicked people’s bad deeds,
give light to the blind,
drive away our pains,
give us every good.

Show Thyself to be a Mother,
let this prayer be welcomed through Thee
by He who was born for us
and made Himself Thy Son.

Holiest Virgin unique,
among the humblest,
forgive our trespasses,
and make us humble and chaste.

Give us a pure life,
guard our paths,
let us see Jesus,
always joyful.

All praise be to God the Father,
to the Highest Christ, the Lord,
and to the Holy Ghost,
only honor to the Trinity.


Moby – Destroyed