Ninja Sex Party – Introduction

Исполнители: Ninja Sex Party
Альбомы: Ninja Sex Party – NSFW
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Текст Ninja Sex Party – Introduction


Close your eyes, and picture yourself on a tropical beach.
Far away, across the delicate sand dunes, you see a jet-black stallion galloping at full speed.
On top of that stallion is me: Danny Sexbang.
I am shirtless, and the wind is blowing through my luxurious Jew-fro…

Don’t I look amazing?
As I approach, you see that the stallion is, in fact, Ninja Brian, his muscles glistening sweat as he carries my sculpted body towards you.
After literally hours of watching us gallop across the beach, we arrive.
Turns out we were farther away than you initially thought.
I look even better up close than I did far away, and I lean down to whisper the words you have yearned to hear for so long…
We are Ninja Sex Party, and this is our first album.
You’re welcome.


Ninja Sex Party – NSFW