Ninja Sex Party – The Sacred Chalice, Pt. 4

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Текст Ninja Sex Party – The Sacred Chalice, Pt. 4


We made our way inside the cave
That the bear hatched in the mountain side
We found the alter of sweetness and atop it lay our prize
(Oh shit the chalice)

We fought through trials, and risked our lives
For this one moment to arrive
It was emotional and tears strike to our eyes

They took the chalice from her hands and awesomeness was theirs
Now Danny can finally shave and cut that stupid hair
Then their friends came back to life, they even healed the bear
And no girl could resist the need to throw her underwear

Because we followed the guiding light of the north star!
The bond we share is indestructible and tight just like my pants
And now my heart is filled with wonderous sigh of angel blessings
Our quest was over and we had all survived because friendship
And love will always triumph!

«Kristen, Wait!»

This is not the best time to ask, but can you tell me
Just what is the chance of that blow-job from one to ten?
Give me a number
If it’s one, then I’ll put my pants back on