Nipsey Hussle – Bucketheads

Исполнители: Nipsey Hussle
Альбомы: Nipsey Hussle – Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3
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Текст Nipsey Hussle – Bucketheads


All Money In, No Money Out
South Central state of mind
Twelve twenty-two o’nine
Brand Hussle, it’s a lifestyle

Yuh, it’s neighboorhod Nip Hussle
Uh, yeah, Slauson, yeah, Slauson
It’s volume 3, Check it out
It’s Rallo on the track
Fly Money Studios
It’s All Money In, No Money Out, neighborhood Nip Hussle
Uh, look, look
I be by myself gettin’ this guape, my nigga, I’m focused
I’m on a mission, you know?
This dedicated to all you little buckethead bitches, little hoodrats
Yuh, yuh, listen
Look, look

You hoodrat bitches is weak to my niggas
Run your mouth to beauticians about who I stick my dick in
I hate hoes that be all up in my business
They need to wash they ass and take they kids to the dentist
Need to get some cash? Go find a job and stop livin’ off the county
I be countin’ hundred thousands, I’m out in every city
Big Willie bop, bottles, young Nipsey
Top models fuck with me, I’m on
I’m really in a different category than your boyfriend
Baby daddy so ?
with your baby havin’ ass
Look, I get cash off this million dollar swag
Laptop full of hits in this Louis duffle bag

Black Dickies, black tint up on the Jag
Drive slow, let my ex-hoes witness what they had
And I’m at a level in my life where every move is out a plan
Show these bitches I’m the man
If real women, please believe and understand that I do got your respect if on your own two you stand
Yeah but it’s fuck you to you bucketheads
Yeah but it’s fuck you to you bucketheads

Bullets Ain’t Got No Name volume 3
You know what it is man
Ayy, dedicated to you little ratchets, man
We see through all your little shit, man
You know, y’all just like us
Y’all just can’t take it when you get played back
You know, it’s all hood though
I respect game
It’s Hussle (It’s Hussle, it’s Hussle, it’s Hussle)
Yeah, you think it’s a hole in your mouth
You ever thought about that, like, girl why you think it’s a hole in your mouth?
Yuh, yuh, Hussle, Hussle
Uh, I’m one of the flyest young niggas out here
I give this myself, bitch
You know, if I wasn’t rappin’, I’d probably be pimpin’
I wasn’t pimpin’, I’d probably be trappin’ or somethin’, man
I do it all
Live up to the my last name, baby
Nip Hussle
I did it without you hoes
So I take my pick
Smoke some kush
Hop in the studio rappin’ about my life, man
I love this shit, it’s nothin’, man
I’m drinkin’ Grey Goose
Another day, another dollar
Hussle music, all that, man, volume 3, nigga
Yeah, uh, uh
Ayy, and if my album is shit, man, that’s on my mama
My album hard as fuck
I’m tryna push the date up and drop that shit right now, man
Come with album 2
I do this shit, man, y’all need to get used to me, man
It’s Hussle, yeah
I’m not even really tryin’ that hard
Let me get off probation
Let me get my studio back setup
Let me get this money all the right
Man, you niggas gon’ be in trouble
Uh, uh
Bitches already in trouble, man
It’s not where I’m at, it’s where I’m goin’
Y’all know what it is, neighborhood Nip Hussle music
Nigga, volume 3
Yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, Rallo on the track too
Uh, Hussle is my last name
Yeah, Hussle is my last name
Yeah, Hussle is my last name


Nipsey Hussle – Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 3