Nipsey Hussle – Paid My Dues

Исполнители: Nipsey Hussle
Альбомы: Nipsey Hussle – Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 1
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Текст Nipsey Hussle – Paid My Dues


Hook — Kokane:
Now its a possibility, that I can come from nothing to having it all
Now its a possibility, that I ain’t gonna have it all and fall
But I stand tall

I’ve been down for so long, you really want a chance so
I done paid my dues, my dues, my dues
I got to go, up to the top

Wassup Loc, shit I’m just out here tryna make it
Moms keep trippin’ and a nigga can’t take it
Sick of standing on these same corners, tryna come up
Finna run up in the bank, hold my mother fuckin’ gun up
Life, got a nigga so frustrated
All my real niggas is dead or incarcerated
Finna fill a nigga with lead
Show em what they made me
Give em what they gave me back
Feel my hatred
Click clack pop, was addicted to the six shot
Fiennin’ for a fix like a smoker on the Vic block
Hoppin’ out, getting high when the shit pop
Leaving bullet holes in the bricks in front of Big Lots
When I was broke, I hustled
Learned the game and I bubbled
Took my birthday money on Brynhurst and made it double
Snitches on the block always call the cops on us
Knowing damn well we got rocks on us, holla at us


Life’s like a dice game
Shake em’ up, throw em’
There’s rules to this shit, niggas fake they don’t know em’

Number 1, scared money don’t make none
And number 2, bullshit we don’t take none
Never tell a bitch your plans or bring her to the house
Don’t speak about a man, keep his name out your mouth
See that’ll be the shit that’ll get a nigga knocked off
Not the pussy, but the principal, cause jealousy is a felony
Now when you grinding, nigga dress bummy, fuck clothes
Ask yourself, are you in it for the money or the hoes
You content with a cutlass or you reaching for a rolls?
You straight up on them stocks says you fucking with them foes
I seen them quarters turn to halves, and halves to wholes
And now we hit the mall, we buy half the store
I had a Bentley coupe dream with a S up on the hood
Nigga ain’t about to hustle, he get left up in the hood


Me and my brother we was broke as a bitch on some hopeless shit
Christmas day, we helped the homie open his gifts
But I ain’t trip though, cause I’m from where they flip dough
And when they ask where you from you tell them Six Oh
Lets get rich bro, its time to get some big dough
Sunday nights on the ‘shaw niggas rich roll
I used to only want to hit a switch and flip hoes
Now I’m thinking bigger man, its time to get home
On the East Side I used to buy stress and flip zones
108 late night, I pray I get home
Alotta niggas die young they never got to get old
Like Too Tall, Tiny Squeeze, Taca and S Dome
Don’t know if you hear me, lord these niggas tryna kill me
So if I chip em’ would you feel me
Now if you feel me, lord these niggas tryna kill me
If I was your child would I still be



Nipsey Hussle – Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Vol. 1