Ninja Sex Party – Outro (Patrol)

Albums: Ninja Sex Party – Cool Patrol
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Lyrics Ninja Sex Party – Outro (Patrol)


Fancy meeting you here
Looks like you listened to all the way to the end of the album
We hope you enjoyed yourself

And that it was a musical adventure that touched your heart
Your mind, your butt, your soul, your butt again
And of course, your shpoodle
A lot of bands don’t get the chance to make six albums
So we just wanted to thank you, our fans
From the bottom of our shpoodles for supporting us
We love you so much and we promise to have sex with and/or kill as many of you as possible
Sorry, Brian and I have competing agendas
Until next time, as they say in Italy
Au revoir
That means good morning


Ninja Sex Party – Cool Patrol