Ninja Sex Party – Smooth Talkin’

Albums: Ninja Sex Party – Cool Patrol
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Lyrics Ninja Sex Party – Smooth Talkin’


You know, Ninja Brian, it’s not enough to just be the world’s most amazing lover
You also have to be a smooth talker
Well, of course I know how to talk to women!
Give me a delicious groove, this is what I tell them

Girl, I’m gonna take my flang-diddly out and slam it in your flump
(That’s right)
Then, without a sound, I’ll run my tongue all up and down your whole sp’kunk
(You like that?)

Then, I’ll flip you ’round and lay you down
And rub my gank up on your shmears (all over your shmears)
Your pliver will start to quiver when I grab your stanky nootputs by the fleers

Oh! Open your heart and give me a taste of your flarmp
I’m gonna lightly stroke your fflendal ’til you twarf
Then I will gently flick your turfles, baby
‘Til you scream «Oh my God I’m gonna quambely it so hard!»
Damn, that’s some smooth talking
Plenty more where that came from UNH!

Now it’s — oh, horns, sorry…

Here we go baby
Now it’s-
Oh wow, a guitar solo too, alright…

Now it’s time for me to take my tiddlybits
And mash ’em ’til they gub (Oh yeah!)
I’ve got two nasty doodads
And they’re begging’ for one moment with your shnub (Yea, yea!)

My sackity pack is the figgeta-figgeta-fack
And it’s on the attack, lookin’ to mack back in your coo
We’re gonna mate ’til we’re drained like two hot shmazins
And I please you with my shmoo (Woo-hoo!)

Dinner is served and looks my vagoink is the main dish

So sit down and gobble my spünt or leave if you wish!
To not have a nice taste of my flappy squish

Let her go, Ninja Brian
She’s probably just… going to think about it
Well, if you need me, I’ll be in my chambers… schnubbing my own gank!


Ninja Sex Party – Cool Patrol