Nipsey Hussle – Cali

Singers: Nipsey Hussle
Albums: Nipsey Hussle – Slauson Boy Vol. 1
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Lyrics Nipsey Hussle – Cali


Long Beach, Compton, Watts, South Central
Eastside, Westside, Cali, Cali
Houses, apartments, projects, hot blocks
Avenues, boulevards, Cali, Cali, Cali

Johnnys, metros, CRASH Units, homicide
Deputy sheriffs in Cali, Cali, Cali

Aren’t we, a jungle underneath the palm trees?
Don’t go too deep into the concrete
Cause, Blood, and who knows what
They all throwin’ up somethin’ but we ready to bust
Where I’m from, we get it poppin’ with them rocks and slugs
Jab niggas, no boxing gloves (Cali, Cali, Cali)
You heard the story, know you seen the movies
Come through, it gets much more gruesome (Cali, Cali, Cali)
Yeah, nigga, you know, ask Pop, AK’s go grrah
Pregnant mamas get shot sitting at bus stops (Cali, Cali)
We smoke Swisher Sweets, nigga, no Optimos
Rock white Tees, Dickies shorts, and fat gold
Squabble in facts, go back, homie, bust with a Mac
And bloodshed, we accustomed to that
On Korean storefronts, where we hustle them sacks
And tuck packs in a payphone, and purp on a Black
You see the helicopter circle, don’t cross the tracks
You drive through and you’ll be lucky if you walking back
These niggas wolves, gorillas with views that few choose
You think it’s cool, but nigga, you too could get bruised
Or even worse, get put in a hearse, put in the church
Then put in the dirt, and that’s just puttin’ work in Cali
Home of the killers and thugs
Where COINTEL turned Panthers into Crips and Bloods

They tried to cover up the history of what we was
They killed Pac like Malcolm, now we drunk on they blood
(Cali, Cali, Cali) (Cali, Cali)

And I’m from South Central Los Angeles, born and raised
My granny came from down south when they freed the slaves
With an aim, to make a better life than yesterday
But today, we hit the streets just to test the ‘K
I live life between Slauson, a prison and coffin
Stuck on the block, I ask God for the option to profit
And what I see, all drama, All-Star Converse
And all these niggas got problems and they sobbed often
All the bitches gotta sit on expensive soft shit
Game tight, fly as they come, and all slick
It ain’t shit in the world like a summer in the slums of Los Angeles
If you could manage, you could learn to love it
The murders and the bums on the corner become the normal
It’s Nipsey, nigga, welcome to Killa California


Nipsey Hussle – Slauson Boy Vol. 1