Ninja Sex Party – Release The Kraken

Исполнители: Ninja Sex Party
Альбомы: Ninja Sex Party – Cool Patrol
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Текст Ninja Sex Party – Release The Kraken


(King Danny, the realm is under attack!)
(My God… the day has finally come. It is time to release the Kraken!)

Look in the distance
Beyond the castle gates

The armies of the damned have come
On the horizon
They gather beneath the blood red sun
The blood red sun

A thousand warriors
Demons and orcs
Charging like a tornado
But they will never know
That their death awaits in waves below
In the waves blow

(We must now unleash the monster. May God forgive us!)

Release the Kraken!
(Hey guys)
The tolling of the iron bell
Release the Kraken!
(I’m the Kraken!)
Rising from the depths of hell
(Graaahh- *coughing*)
(Does anyone have a lozenge?)

Out on the battlefield
The armies collide
And hundreds die where they stand
In screaming agony
The shadow of war across the land
All across the land

Now let’s end the fight

It’s time to decide
Whose blood will finally be spilled
Our secret weapon
A specter of hate who’s born to kill
He was born to kill

(The time is now! Go forth, Kraken! Leave nothing but corpses!)

Release the Kraken!
(I’m in a song!)
A creature of Satanic rage
Release the Kraken!
(Who wants sandwiches?)
Bursting from its sunken cave

(Release the Kraken!)
(Hey, look, I found a bell!)

Release the Kraken!
(Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding)
Impervious to sword and bow
Release the Kraken!
(I’ve got a splinter)
Death incarnate from below
Release the Kraken!
(Oops, I falled over!)
All shall drown in his domain
Release the Kraken!
The harbinger of fear and pain

(Well, you did nothing. The war is lost. Thanks, Kraken)
(You’re welcome)


Ninja Sex Party – Cool Patrol