Nipsey Hussle – A Million

Исполнители: Nipsey Hussle
Альбомы: Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon
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Текст Nipsey Hussle – A Million


All money in
Yea real shit

Sample chopped: Aaliyah — «One in a million»

Verse 1:

I got my mind on a million for I turned 26
But that’s just what it cost for tha condo at the Ritz
I got this european belt, european bitch
Ever seen a african in a european whip?
I got my top off in traffic playin this
Got em pissed
Police hot cause my operations legit
Suck my dick
All my life they been shootin thank god they miss
I’m convinced
That I’m here for a reason it don’t make since
How they miss
All my niggas is gone but I still exist
I exist
So I got on my knees and told him this
I repent
One in a…

Sample chopped: Aaliyah — «One in a million»
It’s real talk
One in a…
We made it

Verse 2:
I got my first hundred thousand for I turned 22
And then I went to jail for some shit I did not do
Them niggas think it’s rap huh
Till bullets make up back up

Know I’m in them movies but bro I am not no actor
Way befor these contracts
I knew I was all that
Bet she say nip hissle if u ask her were that bomb at
She don’t even smoke weed
She just high off contact
All money in
Way befor I launched that I understood tha concept
Got it from my bro bro
Never drove a 6-4
Used to puch that cut dog
But now I’m in that benzo
I don’t got no girlfriend cause baby I’m against those
You say that we just friends but really that it’s money tho

Sample chopped: Aaliyah — «One in a million»


Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon