Nipsey Hussle – Dreamin’

Исполнители: Nipsey Hussle
Альбомы: Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon
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Текст Nipsey Hussle – Dreamin’


Hook — Vanessa Williams:
How to put it together? How to say it right


I’m like

Follow my steps, and you see what I’m bout
I keep that money coming in and never going out
You wanna fuck a fly nigga that you heard about
I beat that pussy up until it’s watered down
She call me once a day to see if I’m around
But 9 times out of 10 I’m probably out of town
I told you ease up you more persistent now
I’m fronting though cuz if you stopped I’d probably miss the sound
Somewhere in between us it’s attraction and I see that
You make me wanna make you tat my name up on your cleavage
I know it’s just a song but when it stop I’m still gon’ mean it
Sent your picture to my aunt, told her this is what I’m leaving look
Couple stacks in my pocket and I’m fiending
To down a glass of Reisling and go blow it at Neiman’s
Hop in the coupe I know that ass will fill my seats in
Something decent then ride to the remix


Now I was driving down Wilshire
Just left the label
Lit my Swisher Sweet then we made a left on Rodeo
Life is beautiful if I might say so
I live it unrestricted, it ain’t a place that I can’t go
Gyu Kaku, hot shots and cold fish
Pints of dolce and coconut Ciroc fifths
Living drama free, Roosevelt cabana suites

TMZ questions me about my strands of weed
I like to vacation on Miami beach
Couple homies from the set, some Atlanta freaks
Used to have them pounds cheap in 2003
Most of the niggas from back then in penitentiaries
And now they see me on they TV like «how can it be?»
It’s complicated how I made it like Avril Lavigne
That’s why they rooting for me, I’m speaking what they think
Without no pieces I could show you how to build a dream



Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon