Nipsey Hussle – One Take 3

Исполнители: Nipsey Hussle
Альбомы: Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon
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Текст Nipsey Hussle – One Take 3


I’m lookin’ at these niggas like, «Fuck ’em all»
Sock a nigga then he quick to get his gun involved
Toss a nigga some work, that nigga runnin’ off

Then leave these niggas to starve, they say you uninvolved
I see why niggas get money now and wander off
Not sayin’ that I condone, I’m sayin’ it’s fuckin’ hard
Young niggas with inhibitions of livin’ large
Road to riches in double digits on prison yards
Pit falls, brick walls but still I charge at high speed regardless of what I’ve seen
Chasin’ my dream, money comin’ at odd schemes
Got the streets in my vein, that’s a poisonous I.V
They speakin’ my name, I know they despise me for the status I’ve obtained and the places I fly free
They hesitate and this is what I see
‘Cause before this rap shit, they know them triggers I squeeze
So fuck all you niggas that lies lead
‘Cause I’m just waitin’ on the day you choose to try me
Until then, drop Benz in the breeze
Out in Vegas in the Phantom like a limo I-Z
At the Palms eatin’ steak, no need for for I.D
Double shot of Hennessy
Meet my nigga Rob and he’s chillin’ with some bitches, early 20s, late teens
Pearly whites, pretty face, fat ass, ?
We do it at rehab
My aim is to outweigh the painful days we had
Life after the rubbergloves and ski masks
Niggas kill they partners and bring yams to the repass
But still to this shit I pledge allegiance
You could get the fade, holla at me if you need that
I left the hood and gave a fuck about the feedback
‘Cause I was once told you that you dont shit where you sleep at
You dumb nigga, this young nigga’s on his way up
The world, chico
It’s ’bout time they pay up
No more small potatoes for all them nights that we stayed up
Huggin’ them blocks, them bullets bustin’, they graze us
Run from them cops, they catch up, cuff us, and cage us
‘Fore they get our laces, post bail, that’s outrageous
Then bleed the block for more paper
Man, ten toes down, I won’t ask for no favors


Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon