Nipsey Hussle – Fly Crippin

Исполнители: Nipsey Hussle
Альбомы: Nipsey Hussle – TMC (The Marathon Continues)
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Текст Nipsey Hussle – Fly Crippin


I got a swag when I step
Blue acted the left
All the girls say I’m the bit

I think I know what it is
It’s fly crippin, fly crippin, fly crippin, fly crippin
I got that 40 on my waist, louie suit case
And I’m tatted on my neck, my chest, my face
Fly crippin, fly crippin, fly crippin, fly crippin

Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle
Look, TMC is my new shit
I don’t make no excuses
Fly crippin my blueprint
Niggas talk but I do this
I gave a AR to my new bitch
I had a rolex before music
Money talk, loud and clear
Niggas looking like 2 cents
So we could line them up and we could shoot shit
We could range rover benz coupe shit
Turn a couple of zones into a few bricks
And turn a couple of bars into a new hit
New louie bag, new louie kicks
And my trunk right where my roof is
Nigga stay in style like I’m boostin
How they say they fly when they flew shit
I got tats all on my neck, tats all on my face
Get 10g so up and I don’t hop bout till I pay
I drink that clicko and that ace
Smoke kush weed in each state

She can’t resist to fly crip
So she get wet when I get on stage
And yeah I dropped out in 10th grade
But I fly first class on these planes
Never stand in line at my bank
All money in is incorporated
They say damn hussle you made it
I said no you just think basic
And if them niggas fly, I’m a spaceship


Verse 2: Cobby
I got that rag all on my left
Bank when I step
Tattoo on my neck, my face and all on my chest
What you gonna do next?
Take your main bitch and have sex
I keep a 40 on my in case a nigga trying to flex
So niggers stop with all that press, cause you ain’t gonna do shit
I hear you talking loud, them nigga talk about my dick
And how your bitch swallow this
You go home and you kiss
But guess what you hater, you be kissing on my dick
No homo trick, she look at you like you a lick
She fuck me cause I’m a fly ass young crib
I got polo socks on my feet
Polo draws on my waist, louie belt on my levi’s
And these diamonds be all on me
Diamonds on my neck, diamonds on my wrist
I lid like a robbery but nigga that will be a risk
Ride around in that jag, I rode around in that range
But if a nigga walk we are still not the same



Nipsey Hussle – TMC (The Marathon Continues)