Nipsey Hussle – Forever On Some Fly Shit

Исполнители: Nipsey Hussle
Альбомы: Nipsey Hussle – TMC (The Marathon Continues)
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Текст Nipsey Hussle – Forever On Some Fly Shit


Forever on some fly shit
I’mma draw the line, you niggas pick who you gone ride with
Simple ass niggas happy because they fucked my side bitch
But she just mad at me cause she ain’t the one I ride with

Drop down and pick yo heart up off the floor girl
And quit tryna convince me that yo ass is not a ho, girl
Wonder why I’m not picking up my phone well
The last twelve months months I done traveled ‘cross the whole world
And niggas hoping I’ma flop but, meanwhile I’ve been getting paid on every stop
Neighborhood nigga still good on every block
Still bust on any nigga acting like he can’t be shot, hol’ up
I got an extra clip for the johnny still
Burner on my lap, only difference is the wheels
Murder is a fact when you out here in the field
Cause jealous niggas dealing with emotions only bitches feel
And nine times out of ten they just want a friend
But I’ve been real before rap so I won’t pretend
Tell em to they face all flaws all the flaws that I’m noticing
I’ve never fucked with your type and I won’t begin
And then its «oh we on this high horse»
But bottom line bitch nigga this is my horse
Never kill nothing you just wait on it to die first
But this gone be the season that you watch yo niggas fly north
Drop classic after classic
Streets on fire, soft rappers can’t match this
I ain’t doin features even if they got the cash
Me and Blacc Sam ballin out the shop on slauson ave look
There’s way more profit in these clothes
So I give away this music and make double back in shows I
360 myself then I exercise control my digital Louis store
Tell ’em catch up now or find out later
I’m revenge in the form of success to all haters
Where a benz is a form of respect to spectators
And your friends keep it real for a sec then switch later
In this material world where a thought is contagious
And security is created cause niggas is less famous than
Most the time, they just in it for these hoes
So it’s fuckin up their lives once she sees there’s no control


Nipsey Hussle – TMC (The Marathon Continues)