Nipsey Hussle – Tommy Gunz

Исполнители: Nipsey Hussle
Альбомы: Nipsey Hussle – TMC (The Marathon Continues)
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Текст Nipsey Hussle – Tommy Gunz


I’m Fresh off the table in Vegas, I’m winnin big nigga
Chuck Taylors Smoke in La Brea brought the crib with us
Soon as we pull up they pay us that’s how it is nigga
Still wanna kill us, but for now they gotta live with it!

Niggas be hating up, it don’t bother me none
My homie got some tommy guns, I’m bout to buy me one
They got me twisted cause I’m ballin having lots of fun
But every real nigga getting money know that I’m the one
Just check me out, pay attention
If you watch me long enough you see that shit I mentioned!
I really got it, I really lived it
I’m really trying to play you down cause I really did it!
Dope boys in the trap holla back
Smoking weed, cutting crack, counting stacks
Do yo thang just remember it’s a fact
All these niggas ain’t yo bros
All the cell phones tapped
You’re in the game, and the game is just that!
See these winners and these losers, when your freedom gets snatched in
What you thought you wanted don’t amount to what you had
Seein that you lost them both feeling like you bout to gaggin
Why you’re gone, yo daughter need a dad
And her momma need a man that could keep buyin’ her bags
And it’s cold hurt you so much, you gotta laugh
Future fucked, now how you s’post to get over your past
You should just, suck it up and do your time like your man say
Nigga ridin dick when you got an upper hand
Talking like you ain’t shit, and the marathon you run wasn’t nothing
That’s how that shit go, but keep hustlin’
Dirty gang see the twist so why shorty change?
Think about it every single time I board a plane
There ain’t no love, you just ignore the pain
And use the money and the fame as the Novocaine

Yeah, yeah, that’s how it go
When you’re young and getting dough
But do your thing, I don’t give a fuck
We’re getting money, nigga
We’re going up

Uh, Dirty twenty fifties, and hundreds
Fast life that I’m livin, Marathon that I’m runnin’
Take advantage of everything granted, just keep it coming
On my off day they might accuse me of stuntin’
A-1 credit I don’t co-sign nothing
Admit it I’m addicted, can’t stop hustlin’
Went from blending in, now my lifestyles custom
Bail money set aside, I ain’t gonna touch it
Motivated nigga, make ’em reconsider something
Lotta niggas hustle, can’t keep up with the money
Gotta grind through the winter to make it to the summer
I risk you gotta take when you on it like I want it
Transition out the game, no longer see opponents
Now I see a business and I’m looking like the owner
Handle Business from a distance I don’t know ’em I don’t wanna
Snitches on the prowl matter of fact around the corner
The punishment is heavy and it’s getting even stronger
Money coming steady, by the way It’s even longer
Take a glimpse at my diploma graduate it’s a honor
I’m out here getting dollars, and they act like it’s a problem
I’m all about a win losing never was an option
That explains all that champagne bottle popping
You’re damn right, my whole gang make a profit
What?! we gettin money!


Nipsey Hussle – TMC (The Marathon Continues)